P2P Projects supporting Anonymity


The Chord project. An organizational structure for P2P network nodes.

A Dining Cryptographers project. Unconditional anonymity, but does not scale.

Projects with strong anonymity goals

The Freenet project. Aggressive caching network with strong publisher and reader anonymity. Ad-hoc network topology.

Other Freenet related projects:

The FreeHaven project. Based on strong infrastructure, e.g. Chord. No active development.

The Blocks project. Fixed block oriented storage mechanism. No active development.

The OceanStore project. Based on strong infrastructure, e.g. Tapestry.

The AnonNet project. Onion routing based (?).

The PAST project. Similar to OceanStore.

Projects with weak anonymity goals

The Publius project. Files split into shares. Current design has static network topology. Hash based retrieval to provide tamper resistance.

The ANet project. Gnutella influenced?

The M.A.D.D.I.S. project.

The RealNet project.

The Anon project.

Projects with unknown anonymity goals

The InterMemory project. Now a company. No details on web page.

The Eternity project. Usenet is backing store. In this section because no integrated tools to ensure anonymity.